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Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
Posters & Flyers
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Poster & Flyer

Spice up your Events

Do you want to inform someone about a new product? Tell them about a concert in their area? Or just let them know that there’s a sale coming up? All of these are goals that a poster & flyers can help you achieve. 

You can quickly make all of the posters or announcements with ready-made templates from the Story Maxx app.

Let's examine together what you can create in the app.

How to make a real-estate poster?

Include a few high-quality pictures of the house or listing. 
Add an eye-catching “For Sale” or “For Rent” header.
List the purchase price or estimated rent.
Add the address of the house or listing. 
List a few of the most interesting features of the house or listing.   
Elaborate on the listing, location, or real estate agency.  
Add a simple call to action.
Include the contact information for the real estate agent.
Add the logo or branding of the real estate company.

How to make a sales poster?

Start with a simple background color or texture.
Make the savings or discount the main focal point. 
Show where or what store the sale is taking place.
List exactly what products are on sale or discounted. 
Add the start and end date or time of the sale. 
Add some contact information or a website 
Include your branding or logo. 

How to make an event poster?

Start with an interesting background image or color.
Use a large and bold font for your event title.  
Add some embellishments to the title to make it pop.
Add the date, location and time of the event. 
Include a simple call to action.
Describe your event or why people should attend.
Make sure you add your logo and brand colors.

4.7 Rating


I love it but
As an organizer, templates come in handy for me. The template has all kinds of editing tools and it's very good. Real-estate templates should come as soon as possible!


Great app for marketing
It's helping me breathe new life into my insta-stories! This has brought my creativity to a whole new level. Highly recommend!


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