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We Are Story Maxx

We're creating the best in interactive entertainment by making stories that change the way people have fun.

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Story Maxx is the app to make your photos and videos ​attractive and impressive. Since the influence of social media has been increasing, the way of life and thinking has changed. As a result, the way of sharing videos and photos in social media is important. Story Maxx differentiates your stories from other users with its stunning templates. 

 Art directors and marketing professionals are designing the templates of Story Maxx. The marketing concerns, attraction of your shares in social media is considered by an energetic team. 

We aim to

     -> help marketing of your products in social media 

     -> let users have some fun when they want to share their important moments of life

     -> give opportunity of new technologies to create stunning flyers and posters

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What We Are About


Make the marketing easier and effective with Story Maxx's professionally designed impressive templates


Increase your creativity, push the boundaries by using Story Maxx's stunning templates


Join the community, take their point of view of using social media. Meet with the professionals, influencers etc.

Meet the Head of Teams


Our Offices

Our Office in London

Our HQ office is in London. On Technology office is in Ankara, Turkey. 

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